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One of the pillars of Nexus, the Division is engaged in the marketing of packaged oils of soybean, sunflower and blends for the mass consumption market abroad. With an extensive background and experience in the industry, we constantly update with regard to packaging, new presentations and trends that the client seeks. We know in depth all the production at source and the distribution chain in target markets, being the most efficient link between products and customers. Reasons why every day we are reaching new markets.
Pet Bottle of 0,500 Lts
Bottles per case 24
Cases per 40'' FCL 2230
Cases per 20'' FCL 1160
Gross weight per carton 12
Pet Bottle of 1,000 Lts
Bottles per case 12
Cases per 40' FCL 2400
Cases per 20' FCL 1320
Gross weight per carton 11,75
Pet Bottle of 3,000 Lts
Bottles per case 6
Cases per 40' FCL 1500
Cases per 20' FCL 750
Gross weight per carton 17,36
Pet Bottle of 5,000 Lts
Bottles per case 4
Cases per 40' FCL 1350
Cases per20' FCL 810
Gross weight per carton 19.03

100 % Soybean oil    
It's a vegetable oil obtained from pressed soybeans. Thanks to its strict refining process, oil is obtained crystalline and clear color. Low in saturated fat and naturally contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 (cholesterol free). It is used mainly in food and can be found in salad dressings and for frying.
100 % Sunflower oil    
It's is a vegetable oil extracted from pressed sunflower seeds. Rich in vitamins E and low in trans fat is a concentrated source of food energy. It is light yellow and has no taste and strong odor. Without doubt, the most important use is as an edible oil, as it is the most widely used seed oil in the world.
Blend oil: Sunflower/Maize    
It's a vegetable oil, obtained from the pressing of sunflower seeds (94%) and corn (6%). This addition of corn oil in the sunflower classic, gives more nutritional properties (color paler, less aromatic and low in acidity). It is highly recommended for salad dressings because it enhances the flavor of food. It is widely used for frying.

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