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About us
Offices and markets

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About us

We are a company dedicated to the international distribution of South American food products and FMCG (fast moving consumer goods).

Our name reflects our vision: to be the most efficient LINK (Nexus) between the producers and customers abroad, adding value in the distribution Chain, through a vast knowledge of the customer needs and possibilities of the producers.

We have strategically located offices in Argentina, Brazil, México and Perú, from where we channel business to more than 20 countries, being our main markets: Africa, Caribbean, Middle East and Asia.

Our pre-shipment inspection department ensures that products comply with agreed quality standards and volumes to ensure excellency during the whole process, from production to shipment. Our chartering team is in charge of obtaining the best available freights in the market, in bulk or container loads.

Our strengths can be benefit you:

We are present in 4 countries in America, with the best team of professionals and we have more than 20 years experience in the international sales of FMCG and food products. We have a deep and detailed knowledge of the distribution channels of the destination markets. This is why we can deliver to the end consumer the correct product at the most competitive price.

We also have an excellent management of the productive chain at origin and a very close relation with the suppliers allowing us to establish solid long term cooperation agreements. We develop long term business relationships, with our customers and suppliers. We are not focused on spot, short term deals.

We serve all needs (commercial and financial) of our suppliers and customers, as within our structure we can operate as traders (taking possession of goods, buying and selling) or as buying agents for our customers (we act as brokers). This allows us to deliver the best possible service In trading commodities, and FMCG it's important to have an independent and reliable market information source so as to be able to take the correct decision in the indicated moment. We have the necessary information to make of each deal the perfect one.

Avenida del Libertador 7820 5to "B" l (1429) Ciudad de Buenos Aires l Argentina l Tel. +54 (11) 4703-5860 l Fax +54 (11) 4032-0083 l Email nexus@nexusint.com