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About us
Offices and markets

Private Labels We are based in South America because its a natural resource-rich area, very competitive in the production chain of agroindustry products.

We deliver the world with a wide variety of high quality products.

Our knowledge of this market, together with the strategic location of our commercial offices, allows us to be able to source a high variety of items in a very efficient manner.

We can act as purchase agents for the distribution chains of the destination markets, making the search of new suppliers easier, negotiating the best prices and controlling the quality of the products before shipment.

If you cannot find what you are looking for within our product portfolio, just send us the description and specs of what you are looking for and our team of people will be at your service.

Private Label
In the last few years there has been an increase in the creation of private labels from the supermarket chains, but also from the distributors. This is why we have a specialized team in branding and design, capable of the elaboration of an integral naming, visual identity , packing and communication piece.

Sales Agents
Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Perú and México have a great variety of food companies that produce highly competitive products for the international markets. We can act as sales agents for these companies, so as to develop an export program in accordance with each company's capabilities.
Our Brands

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